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There’s a huge difference in wet paint and powder coatings, both in their durability and their environmental uses. If you make the wrong choice the coating may not last as long as you hoped and be more susceptible to extreme conditions.

Taking the right steps

It’s important to make sure everything is right, both to make your product last and to make sure it doesn’t get damaged easily. It’s why we follow 3 main steps to protecting your product: determining the substrate, identifying the environment and choosing the right coating.

Determining the substrate

First we must establish the substrate that needs coating. Each metal must be treated individually and given the correct pre-treatment to maximise the life of the coating.

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Choosing the right coating

Identifying the environment

We make a distinction between internal and external environments. If your product is to be situated outside, there are a lot of things to consider, including weather and pollution. Inside we can cater for things like condensation, contact with chemicals.