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Maybe you’d prefer your product to be brightly coloured or maybe it’s the durability that’s important. Whatever the reason, we can adapt our coating to suit your needs. But don’t worry, selecting the right pre-treatment to compliment the top coat can help achieve the maximum lifespan of any powder coating.

The highest quality powder coating

Powder coating is a great way to add not only an aesthetic but also a protective coating to your products. It is applied as a powder and baked at high temperatures which cures the powder and causes it to set solid, creating a great looking and highly protective coating for your product.


•  Balustrades / hand rails

•  Plant machinery

•  Electrical cabinets

•  Fencing

•  Aluminium extrusions

•  Machine parts

•  Bespoke metal fabrications

•  And much more

For help and advice on colour and finish availability. Call on

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Designed to last

Coating powders come in all shades and gloss levels including metallic, texture, epoxy, warm to touch (for use on hand-railing), anti graffiti to name but a few.

We make sure to cover every base

It looks great too. That’s the best part of our coating service. As well as ensuring your product lasts longer in every environment, with our huge range of available colours from the RAL & BS ranges you can be sure to achieve the exact colour required.

It doesn't just do the job